Environmental Sustainability

As one of the first Australian Owned and Operated chemical manufacturers in Australia,
We are aware and comply with many International and Australian Standards that have been developed since our inception in the late 1960's.


Our chemicals (SDS) also detail the Persistence and Degradability , Bio-accumulative Potential, Mobility in Soil , Adverse Ecological Effects, Disposal Considerations and fully comply with Australia's
NICNAS regulations.

NICNAS Clearchoice Products

All our raw materials / ingredients in our formulations are listed on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS).


The manufacturing plant uses the latest technology in dispensing solutions, water recovery and recycling so that every precious drop of water used in the
development of our cleaning products is not wasted.

The implementation of part renewable solar energy is the start of our long term strategy to be a fully renewable chemical products supplier.

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