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Flexis Pads work on all manner of hard floors including;
Terrazzo Marble Granite Concrete Ceramic Tiles Vinyl Plastic Linoleum Epoxy and Acrylic Floors.

Flexis Pads last at least two and half times longer than any other diamond pad, made thicker and stronger , KGS Pads will give a consistent finish on any surface.

KGS has a simple four step system which not only cleans, but restores floors to a beautiful condition reducing the need for periodic stripping and resealing or even having to grind and polish worn floors.


Enduro Pads have been designed by KGS's R & D Department to offer improved life and results compared to all other ordinary diamond floor pads.
Made from Hogs Hair they are to be used under heavy planetary grinders and high speed burnishers.
Enduro Pads are to be used dry and come in a wide range of Grit Sizes -
40 , 80 , 120 , 400 , 800 , 1500 , 3000 , 8000.

Gloss Meter readings are quite literally off the scale especially in the case of 8000 grit pads which deliver a clear pop in the floors shine.

We have tested these pads in Airports , Government Buildings , Schools , Supermarkets , Super Stores, Hotels and Large Warehouse Facilities all over the world and now you can take advantage of the high shine possibilities.

If you have
Marble - Granite - Polished Concrete - Vinyl - Terrazzo - Ceramic Tiles
These are the pads you need if you want to get the best result out of your floor.

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