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Rust and Heavy Calcium/ Lime Build up are hard to remove. They need strong chemicals, and agitation where possible to remove. The surfaces once cleaned then need neutralising to stop the chemical process continuing which may damage surfaces. Always test in an inconspicuous place for surface damage whether it is colour change, metal change, glaze change, or fibre change. NOTE SOME DESCALERS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR FOOD ENVIRONMENTS! Rust is unsightly, and typically has been there a while in protracted moist settings, also commonly on unsealed surfaces so may have penetrated deep into the surface. Chemicals need time to break down the stain, and then it needs removal and neutralising. It is possible a choice needs to be made between some surface colour loss to remove the noticeable rust stain. Some rust removers are effective at removing terracotta stains too. Developed to remove rust, and medium levels of white mineral deposits from stainless steel, ceramic and painted surfaces. It is a low foaming product and therefore safe to use in C.I.P (Clean in Place) systems in the food industry and in commercial washing and laundry equipment. DESCALER FEATURES Removes calcium, scale and rust from metal and mineral surfaces Suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces Ideal for use with hard water areas where mineral deposits are common pH: < 1.0 - so it is highly acidic. Wearing personal protective equipment like gloves, masks and eyewear is recommended

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Product Type: Chemical - Descaler & Rust

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