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Spritz enzyme-based spray and wipe solution, specifically formulated to make your cleaning routine more efficient and effective while being environmentally friendly.

Here are the key benefits of using our enzyme-based spray and wipe:

• Superior Cleaning Power: Our enzyme-based formula is designed to break down and remove tough stains, grime, grease, and organic matter effortlessly. The powerful enzymes work on a molecular level, providing deep cleaning action that traditional cleaners may struggle to achieve.

• Environmentally Friendly: As part of our commitment to sustainability, our spray and wipe solution is biodegradable and non-toxic. By utilizing enzymatic action, it minimizes the need for harsh chemicals, reducing the environmental impact and making it safe for use around people, pets, and plants.

• Cost-Effective: The 10 to 1 dilution ratio means you can create several batches of cleaning solution from a single bottle, saving you money in the long run. Each diluted portion retains the same cleaning potency, ensuring you get maximum value without compromising on performance.

• Versatile Applications: Our enzyme-based spray and wipe are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including countertops, glass, stainless steel, tiles, wood, and more. Whether you need to clean your kitchen, bathroom, or office space, this all-purpose cleaner is up to the task.

• Odour Elimination: Enzymes are effective at neutralizing and eliminating odours caused by organic materials. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and hello to a fresh and clean environment.

• Enhanced Stain Removal: Enzymes have unique abilities to target specific stains, including protein- based stains like food spills, pet accidents, and more. The enzymatic action helps break down and lift stains from surfaces, leaving them spotless and looking brand new.

Typical Applications:

• Countertops

• Glass and mirrors

• Stainless steel

• Tiles and grout

• Wood surfaces

• Ceramic surfaces

• Laminate surface

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